iSubtitle 3.0.4

Soft subtitled movies for your Apple gear.

Create soft subtitled movies for iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iTunes or any QuickTime based player or application.

The first and only application to take full advantage of Apple's soft subtitle technology. The subtitle tracks are resolution independent and rendered in real-time as you watch the movie. Subtitles are always displayed at the best quality your device can perform. There are support for multiple languages in the same movie file and you can even switch language on the fly as you watch.

The casual Apple iDevice user or hearing impared that needs subtitles movies in their native language.

- Add soft, non-destructive subtitles, that won't change or alter the original movie.

- Subtitles can be turned on/off using the interface of the device or application.

- Complete support for multiple languages in the same file.

- Supported devices are iPod, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

- Supported applications are iTunes, QuickTime Player or any application that can play a QuickTime Movie.

- Built-in subtitle online search with automatic download, unarchive and parsing.



iSubtitle 3.0.4

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